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Jim Perry
Jim Perry Customs is located in the Belair Business Park on Belair Frontage Rd.
between I-20 exits 194 and 195 in beautiful Augusta Georgia.

Please call if we may be of any assistance to you.
(706) 284-3344
Augusta, GA.

We get many calls regarding pricing, we will try to give you an accurate estimate, but in order to give you a
true price, we must see the parts first. We cannot price bodywork by pictures, not even high resolution. For
those seeking the cheapest possible price you can get, you won't find it here. There is a difference
between cheap and affordable. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, we offer more
bang-for-the-buck than other paint shops, which makes our quality affordable. Our painter has many bikes
with paint jobs over 10 years old not only still looking good, but still winning trophies. We will try to give
you as close an estimate as possible when calling, thank you for understanding.

We don't want to sound arrogant or rude, but there are some things we won't do;

a. We don't paint over someone else's bodywork (nobody gets bad bodywork, only bad paint
jobs). If the bodywork fails, the painter gets blamed. All old paint and bodywork is removed
and redone prior to painting.

b. We don't use cheap materials. All automotive paints are not equal, and again, quality doesn't
come cheap. We use products that are proven, and designed for the custom painting industry.

c. We don't copy other artwork. We will gladly use pics of artwork you like to design something
similar, but still original for your bike.

d. We won't give a quote for repairing damage over the phone, in the dark, or in the rain. Our
ballpark price is always the same......We've done jobs for as little as $100. up to $12,000.  your
price will fall somewhere in between. Custom work is priced based on brand new OEM parts
with no damage.

e. We don't do oil-bag parts. If your cheap imitation parts come in a plastic bag soaked in oil, you
won't like the price associated with prepping them for paint. Its actually cheaper to buy quality
parts with at least an E-coat primer on them. For those that don't know, oil is paints worst
enemy, it causes many problems with every stage of a paint job.  Even if you pay the rates to clean and
prep these parts for paint, we still will not offer a warranty.

f. We don't do any work for self-proclaimed experts. If you are an expert painter, or think you are,  then you
don't need us. A true professional can take a difficult task or procedure, and make it
look easy, and believe me, what we do here is not as easy as most people think it is.

g. Finally, we don't match prices, or beat prices. Our prices are very reasonable for the time and
quality put into each job. We don't care what Billy-Bob down the street will do it for, and if you
did, you wouldn't be at our shop.

Don't ask me if I can match their price...........ask them if they can match my quality!
Our contact form address has been added to some spamming company. I get
flooded with bogus replies. It takes a while to get to the real ones. Until I can remedy
the problem, please call us or e-mail with your questions, comments, and requests.

Thank You!
(706) 284-3344
Jim Perry Customs
4282 Belair-Frontage Rd.
suite 9
Augusta, Ga. 30909