We do many small projects and custom touches on our theme bikes
that we would like to showcase on this page. From simple custom
stator covers to chrome plating and powdercoat services, we can
turn your bike into a dream ride!
Sportbike body panels have become more complicated in recent years. 20 years ago the average sportbike had from 5 to 9
pieces to paint. Today's sportbikes break down into multiple pieces, and I mean multiple. A Yamaha R1 has 23 painted parts (not
including the mirrors). A 2009 GSXR 1000 has 29 painted pieces, also not including the mirrors.
Why is this important information? To get a quality paint job, each piece must be removed from its attaching parts, completely
stripped of fasteners, clips and grommets, decals removed, and the part prepped for paint. Then each piece needs a separate jig
to hold it while painting. With so many pieces, even averaging one hour per piece, thats still 29 hours times $75 per hour, and
you haven't even figured materials, or the time it takes to remove the parts from the bike and replace them after painting. Below
are some pics of a GSXR before the parts were reassembled and put back on the bike. This should give you a better idea of what
it takes to paint a newer style sportbike.
Front Fairing - 5 pieces
Right Cowl - 4 pieces
Left Cowl - 5 pieces
Tail Panel - 11 pieces
(2 small pieces not pictured)
Tank - 4 pieces
Right Cowl assembled
Left Cowl assembled
Front Fairing assembled
Parts tear-down and replacement service.
Many people do this part themselves to save a few bucks, but for those of you who don't want to do this themselves, we offer
this service for you. Our rates are very reasonable for this service, and relieves you of the stress of finding someone to do it for
you. We will provide this service on any brand of motorcycle, prices can vary greatly depending on the amount of parts and how
much is attached to them.
Custom Painted Rifle
We can now take care of your chrome plating needs. The perfect time to add chrome is when
your bike is torn down for paint. Custom paint and chrome.............a match made in heaven!
HID Lighting installation
and lighted air vents
We have included a few pics of what it looks like to tear-down an inner fairing for paint. To make sure everything gets put
back properly, we recommend leaving this to the professionals. Notice the green masking tape, Everything is labeled
and marked to make reassembly easier.
Two-Tone Painted Inner
Fairing with Pinstripes.
Two-Tone Gauge Pods
with Pinstripe
Vivid Black
Pewter Pearl
Harley-Davidson   Painted Inner Fairings
Custom Stator Covers
Custom Painted
Captain America Shield
Painting your wheels is a less expensive alternative to chrome
Two-Tone Black & Silver
Two-Tone: Brilliant Silver
and Midnight Pearl with
blue pinstripe
Glow in the Dark
Cool Blue Pearl
Road Glide inner
Two-Tone: Vivid Black
with Candy Green gauge
pods, yellow pinstripe
Ember Red Sun-Glo
Inspection covers
These inspection and horn covers come from the factory in silver.
These have been color matched to the bike for a subtle custom touch