Why should I take my motorcycle to Jim Perry Customs?

1.    Jim Perry Customs is a legal business licensed to do business as a motorcycle custom paint shop in
Columbia County Georgia.

2. Jim Perry Customs has all the specialized equipment and training needed  to comply with the Federal
Clean Air Standards. All hazardous materials are handled, sprayed, and disposed of in accordance with all
local, state, and federal laws.

3.    Jim Perry has over 40 years experience in the paint and body field. 25 years of that are directly related
to painting motorcycles.

4.    Jim Perry Customs has their address on their business cards, they have been in the same location for
over 10 years, and are not hiding from anyone.

5.    Jim Perry's extensive experience painting motorcycles will eliminate the “price increases” after the job
has started because of unknown paint cost. Motorcycle colors are usually more expensive than most car
colors. Jim Perry Customs is already aware of these costs, and we deal with them up front.

6.    Jim Perry Customs is not insurance driven. They work for you, not some 3rd party that directs how they
do business and what jobs get priority. All work is handled on a first come-first serve basis.

7.    All work is handled in-house. You can stop by anytime to check progress on your bike.

8.    This is Jim Perry's full-time job. This is not a side gig or something that he does for kicks. Jim takes
every job serious, and knows his future jobs depend on the out-come of the present jobs.

9.    Jim Perry Customs has a website........jimperrycustoms.com. They offer this a resume' of their work, so
you can sit in the comfort of your home or office and check out their previous work. If pictures are not your
thing, Jim Perry Customs has a showroom with large samples of their work so you can better judge how your
paint job will look!

10. Jim Perry Customs prices are very reasonable for the time and quality that goes into each job. They only
use the best materials available, and do not cut corners. If they can't do it right, they won't do it at all.            
For those of you that value quality, you won't find a better deal anywhere!

  Please do not ask us if we can match their price...............
                 ask them if they can match our quality?

Jim Perry Customs
4282 Belair-Frontage Rd. #9                                                                                                                            (706) 284-3344
Augusta, GA. 30909                                                                                                                         www.jimperrycustoms.com

If motorcycles were so easy to repair and refinish, the major body
shops in town would not turn this work away. The truth is,
motorcycles create so many problems in the “flow” of work
through a production collision shop, that the management of
these shops would just rather not paint motorcycles.